Tailored (part 2)







Pencil skirts for work – Peplum dress for wedding this summer



  1. Hi! I love the skirts! If you are in Lilongwe is there any way you could message me the contact info for your tailor? I have tried one already, but the clothes are always way too tight!

    • Hey there! Are you in Lilongwe currently? My tailor is in Area 3 on Baron Avenue. He works out of a little shed on a property with swan statues outside the gate. Don’t know his number! Word of advice: wash your fabric before having anything made, if you don’t, your finished garment will shrink when you wash it and might not fit. Learned the hard way!

      • Yes, I am in Lilongwe for another few weeks. Baron Ave is near Bishop Mackenzie, right? I am definitely going to go on a journey in search of the swans. Are you still around Lilongwe? At the risk of being a creepster, I would love to get together and have coffee and hear all about your travels! kglesnewich [at] gmail [dot] com

      • No I’m on holiday at the moment. I’ll be back in Lilongwe in a week but I guess you’ll be gone by then?

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