The Creative Manifesto: 10 Rules for Living a Creative Life


I always thought I would end up doing a creative job. When I was applying for university I considered degrees in graphic design, fashion design, filmmaking and creative writing. But somehow I convinced myself that playing it safe would be a better idea. It was the same principle that led me to my current profession, which isn’t really inspiring me these days. I’m taking some baby steps towards something that I know is going to make me happy and so I’ve written this manifesto for myself, as an effort to not let my dreams slip away from me again. I’m sure there are more people out there in the same boat. I hope you’ll find this helpful.

01. Believe in your vision and don’t rely on others to validate your ideas.

02. Follow through with an idea and only give up when you are absolutely sure it won’t work.

03. Reflect regularly.

04. Make time for creativity, even when you’re not in the mood.

05. Be patient with yourself.

06. Share with others, listen to their feedback and use it to better yourself.

07. Focus on what you’re good at and build on those strengths.

08. Allow yourself to be inspired by others, but do not compare yourself to them.

09. Let your creativity define you.

10. Keep a notebook on hand and write down your ideas as soon as they occur, not later.


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