London in Monochrome

I was exhilarated, elated, ecstatic when I finally found my old Minolta Dynax 35mm film SLR (my first camera), after turning my mother’s house upside-down looking for it. I fed it some black and white film and took it on a field trip to the Big City. How strange to take a picture and not be able to look at it right away! How exciting to rip open the envelope and look at the prints weeks later! How do I explain why the grain and small defects on the film fill me with such joy? Surely it’s a cliché, this love of the analogue, the ‘vintage’, the tactile: vinyl records, old books, clocks (tick-tock), film. These are the things that remind me of our inventiveness and creativity, much more so than these ethereal pods and pads that impress with intelligent mimicry but don’t really exist in the physical world.

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  1. Delayed gratification is better, that’s why digital cameras take away the magic of waiting for your film to develop…anticipation is half the fun 🙂 I liked your post and pictures!

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