I like the term ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ and the idea that ‘you make yourself at home and make use of whatever culture you’re in’ (Art Spiegelman). I also like the word ‘topophilia’, which means a love of place, or a bond between a person and a place. I am both a rootless cosmopolitan and a topophile.

Hi, I’m Magda and I’m a Third Culture Person. Or a Third Culture Kid (TCK). I have come to embrace this identity but only after years of trying to figure out where I belong. I am one of those people who hate the question, “Where are you from?” because I don’t have a straightforward answer. My family moved around when I was growing up – although not nearly as much as other people I know, enough to leave me uprooted and restless – and now I feel like I’m from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I love travelling and discovering shared humanity in different places. I write, I take pictures. I also make theatre sometimes.

I am interested in hearing from other TCKs and hearing your stories.



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